An exclusive retail fashion boutique wanted to
expand its market beyond its store front in a local
Boston neighborhood. The owners contracted Ms.
Logan to develop an ecommerce website, a catalog
of their merchandise and processes to implement and
update their website on a regular basis.
A busy independent human resources and
organizational development consultant

needed his practice's processes and procedures
reshaped to be inline with the existing procedures
manual. The practice was also looking for Ms.
Logan to reestablish its marketing procedure.
A software development consulting group
needed organizational development assistance,
executive support and offsite office management.
They contracted Ms. Logan, managing partner, to
provide executive support and offsite office
management. In providing these services, Ms.
Logan also designed, modified,
implemented and
recommended processes for recruiting both
undergraduates and contract professionals, billing,
payroll and business processes.
A large general contractor with a lot of
contacts and expert subcontractors needed a
business structure, marketing process
development, offsite office management and
executive support to turn his private practice into
a construction company. Ms. Hajar Logan was
contracted to provide immediate offsite office
support and marketing.

As a part of establishing a business and marketing
structure Ms. Logan and her administrative team
set up an independent phone, fax, email and
voicemail service and maintained, stored and
updated his records. Ms. Logan then developed
and maintained a database of all of his clients.

After establishing his client database, Ms. Logan
used it to build and develop a usable referral
network, and to develop a follow up process that
helped him to get strength and weakness
feedback from his clients. With this feedback, Ms.
Logan developed the written documentation for
the general contractor's brochure. Ms. Logan was
also able to make procedural and service
recommendations to our general contractor client
to address weakness feedback.

Office Management and Executive Support
Ms. Logan then created a follow up sales and
service delivery process which included typing up
and submitting proposals, estimates, and
contracts from lawyer approved contract
templates. Ms. Logan also found new contract
sources and helped to network our client
contractor in new markets.
A local entrepreneur, who had created and
run a multimillion dollar construction

company hired Ms. Hajar Logan to assist him in
restructuring. We provided emergency
administrative assistance and conducted market
research to setup new business ventures.

In our research, Ms. Logan and her team
discovered competitors and pricing. Ms. Logan,
also, determined the size of the market, and its
potential value through interviews research and
analysis. Ms. Logan developed cost, competition
and size of market analyses for a gravel and steel
recycling business. In order to develop multiple
streams of income for this entrepreneur, Ms.
Logan, also established an executive financial
coaching business and a consulting business and
designed a marketing process for the coaching
and consulting businesses. He, also, made
recommendations for how to enter the gravel and
steel recycling market. (More...)
Market Research and Executive Support
Administration and Marketing
Electronic Commerce and Marketing
Marketing, Operations Management,
Proposal Writing
Offsite Business Administration and
Executive Support
Past Work Experience
Strategic Market Planning, Research and
A start-up green jobs training and weatherization
was launched as a part of a new burgeoning
Boston, Massachusetts industry. This start-up
corporation needed to define its local industry and
market and to access Federal workforce development
dollars through local and statewide offices. Its owners
asked Ms. Hajar Logan, Managing Partner, to create a
marketing plan, to write all of their marketing
literature and to find funding for the training school.
In addition, they requested a marketing strategic
action plan for their weatherization service. (More...)
"Your silent, do-it-all business partner."