Previous Work Experience (cont'd)
Electronic Commerce and Marketing
(Part 1) ...To complete this project, Ms. Logan took
pictures, downloaded and edited pictures the client
took, catalogued the client's inventory, designed and
wrote the content for all of the pages on the web
site, laid out the website, and designed and
implemented a process for updating the site regularly.
Ms. Logan then submitted the client website to
search engines. We also conducted regular feedback
meetings with the client.

On its own initiative Ms. Logan put together a
marketing plan and campaign for the client. This
campaign started with market research including
focus groups and competition analysis. It included
email blasts, a procedure for search engine
optimization and constant and continuous updates to
the site. You can see our work at We are currently marketing
and optimizing the site to be searchable on Google,
Yahoo, MSN Netscape, and AOL.

(Part 1) Marketing
Ms. Logan researched new for-profit and
non-profit markets for organizational development
consultants. Ms. Logan, also, reestablished the
practice's marketing procedure by writing
proposals, responding to RFPs, submitting bids and
scheduling interviews.

Organizational Development
Ms. Logan reestablished and updated office
procedures and hired and trained an executive
assistant and the office manager.

Out of our work, the client acquired 2 long term
contracts. The executive office assistant and
office manager became a long-term cornerstone
of our client's practice and maintained the client's
reestablished office procedures.

(Part 1) Virtual Office Management and Results
Ms. Logan provided offsite office management that
included creating and maintaining procedural
documentation, establishing communication
procedures, editing contracts and creating
contract templates, establishing human resource
files and documentation procedures, maintaining
an on and off site structure for communication and
execution. As a result the company had a system
for establishing documenting and maintaining
human resource files, a process for establishing
next steps and an accessible offsite library of
procedural documentation.

Executive Support and Results
As a part of our offsite executive support, we
developed and implemented long term human
resource processes for the CEO and the director
of Human Resources. Among them were processes
for Recruitment, Hiring, Orientation, Compensation
and Payroll, as well as internal processes and
procedures, for Board members, partners and
Part 1 The general contractor now had a
systematic sales and marketing process, and was,
also, able to submit bids on a more routine basis.
He was therefore able to submit more bids, acquire
more contracts and negotiate and purchase real
estate for development.

In developing the brochure, Ms. Logan created a
logo, designed business cards, and created a
portable portfolio-a small example of his work. The
general contractor obtained new business from his
previous customer database and used his brochure
and portfolio to get new work.
Offsite Business Administration and
Executive Support
Marketing and Operations
Management, Proposal Writing
Administration and Marketing
Strategic Market Planning,
Research and Implementation
(Part 1) This start-up green jobs corporation
received white papers and marketing literature as
well as a marketing plan for the training school and
a strategic action plan for the weatherization
service and a website. Using the marketing
literature and following the plans for each of its
divisions, Green Beginnings became a recognized
'green jobs' training school in the greater Boston
area. Green Beginnings also received several
grants and was approved for Department of Labor
Workforce development funding. Website:
(Part 1)...
Our recommendation included price and
competition breakdowns, as well as a list of
companies that buy sand and gravel by-products
and were currently interested in puchasing it.

Through our work, our client was able to conduct
market research for a duct cleaning and
equipment leasing company as well. Ms. Logan
was able to use this research, to write company
descriptions and sales materials-white papers and
advertisements for new product and service
Market Research and Executive Support
"Your silent, do-it-all business partner."