Our service objective with each small business client is to expand the revenue generated in their existing
customer base and their capacity for attracting and serving new customers. We provide these services in two
separate programs, one for start up businesses and the other for existing owner-operated businesses in
marginalized communities.
"Your silent, do-it-all business partner."

Enterprise Development, also, provides training in grant writing, small business management, entrepreneurship
and entrepreneur support. We develop and coordinate services and resources for training and coaching small
business and micro-enterprise owners. Details about our training services are available at
Business Builder Program builds existing
small businesses with better revenue models
and solutions to expand capacity and improve
market share. The features of this program
Financial Management
An initial assessment.
Comprehensive Market Research
Best Practice Procedural changes to address
Stategic Plan to build market capacity
Ongoing marketing campaign to establish and
build market share

Business Incubator Program builds start-
ups through extensive research, market
positioning, organizational development and
executive coaching. The features of this program
Selecting the Best Target Markets
Creating and Implementing a plan to become
influential in the marketplace
Extensive Organizational Development
Strategic Planning and Guidance